The Fieldhouse of Kansas City became Drive5 Sports Center on November 3rd, 2014. Renovations to the building started on September 8th and will be wrapping up mid November. Keep reading below for more info about all of the exciting new offerings, including the area's premier boys and girls youth basketball academy and tournament league...



First, to bring a world class indoor sports facility to the Overland Park, KS area. The facility will primarily be occupied by the Drive5 Basketball Academy and Tournaments, KC Run GMC (the top 15U, 16U, and 17U players from Kansas and surrounding states), as well as continuing to be the home of PVA Volleyball, All In Sports, and College Park Physical Therapy. Throughout the year, you will also find other indoor sporting events, such as futsol and gymnastics tournaments. A lot of changes will be happening to the facility over the next few months... we hope you'll be as excited as we are about the building's new features!

Second, to offer programs and events in our facility that will provide youth athletes in the KC metro area with high quality coaching and instruction, as well as great competition and a positive group training environment. We believe our Drive5 Basketball Academy will be one of the premier youth basketball academies in the country. Our staff is comprised of coaches who have helped to develop hundreds of college basketball players throughout their careers. We have traveled the world playing and coaching basketball. We know what it takes to develop kids of all skill levels and abilities, no matter what level they choose to aspire to. More details about our academy and tournament league format are below...

Our 5 Core Values


    It's easy to talk about core values, but at Drive5 we live by them, and it shows in our consistent success with youth player development. We expect these values to be demonstrated on and off the court by our staff and players at all times.


    It takes consistent hard work and drive to produce the best in everything we do.


    We are innovative in developing strategies that deliver outstanding results for our athletes and coaches.


    Each player and coach participates with enthusiasm, respect, and love for the sport.


    For everything we strive for there is a specific goal set and worked towards with focus and determination.


    We build personal integrity through loyalty, honesty, ethical standards and fairness.

Drive5 Basketball Tournaments and Academy
Our main purpose at Drive5 is to help youth players reach their full potential in basketball. We've seen time and time again that the best way to achieve this is through high-level instruction and mentorship, clearly defined objectives & required steps to achieve them, and the continuous refinement of fundamental skills and instincts on the court through practice sessions and competitive play. Drive5 is an environment that provides all of these elements to youth players and their coaches through academy sessions, access to 1-on-1 training, consistent evaluation and communication with players and parents, tournament play for area teams in appropriate division levels, and practice courts made available for area coaches to reserve for team practices.


We believe the tournament format is the most conducive environment for learning, as well as coaching. By participating in a tournament series, players get about 2-3 times more time on court than in traditional league play - which means 2-3 times the opportunity for improvement and real-time coaching. Instead of waiting a week for another game, corrections can be made and tested quickly in tournament play, allowing players to see immediate results and grasp new concepts more instinctively. Each Drive5 tournament series consists of a 10 week session of tournaments ranging in grade levels. Drive5 tournaments are open to any teams that would like to register and play in the appropriate grade level. Any teams registered for at least 5 tournaments in a 10 week series are considered Drive5 Tournament League Teams and will compete for rankings and prizes, plus receive FREE practice court time* and other discounts / benefits through Drive5 Sports Center.

*Due to limited court space, Free practice court time is available to the first 40 teams that sign up for the Tournament League Package in any given 10-week session.

Learn more about the Drive5 Tournament Series


The Drive5 Basketball Academy is an innovative and comprehensive basketball training academy for players who are committed to striving for excellence in the sport of basketball. We offer academy sessions throughout the year, led by our highly trained coaching staff, where players learn and develop individual fundamentals of the game, and improve as overall athletes. The Drive5 Academy does not form or sponsor club teams or traditional club leagues. The academy is purely a high-level learning and training environment, and we encourage all players, regardless of team affiliation, to visit the Drive5 academy and see what it takes to play basketball at a higher level. Coaches are also encouraged to visit the academy and observe the principles and fundamentals we teach, and our approach to training. If you like what you see, take advantage of having a coaching staff here to work with your players when you aren't able to. Teammates can sign up for academy sessions together, or take advantage of private instruction sessions for up to 3 players.

Learn More About the Drive5 Basketball Academy


Our collective backgrounds as players, coaches, administrators, and parents gives us a unique perspective, as well as making us some of the most experienced in the industry. We look forward to working with you!

LJ Goolsby

Director of Basketball Operations
The Drive5 Basketball Academy is under the supervision of LJ Goolsby. LJ helped coach the USA Basketball 2013 Men's 16U and 2014 Men's 17U to Gold Medals at the FIBA World Championship Tournaments.

Damon Brooks

Academy and Tournament Manager
"It is not possible to master the game of basketball in one or two weeks -- just as life skills are not developed in that time. But I will plant the seed for a lifetime of success."

Tom Staats

General Manager
Tom has been involved with youth basketball for over 35 years, including coaching multiple teams to National Championships, and serving as an administrator and Assistant Director for the Biddy Basketball program.

Randy Staats

Randy grew up immersed in the game of basketball, and has an extensive and diverse background with the sport. As a player, Randy had the opportunity to play for top tier coaches at several levels. He was a coach for KC Run GMC from 2003 - 2010.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you hold try-outs for Drive5?

    No - We do not have Drive5 teams. We host tournaments at the Drive5 Sports Center that are open to any area teams and coaches that want to participate, and we have the Drive5 Basketball Academy throughout the week that offers high-level instruction and player development. The Drive5 Basketball Academy is open to any youth player that wants to improve their skills as a basketball player and overall athlete. If you are interested in enrolling your child in the academy, we will meet with you and discuss the goals your child has as a player, and where they are currently at in regards to reaching those goals. We will place your child in an academy group that gives him/her the most opportunity to improve and have fun.

  • My child is already on a team, so how and why would we get involved with Drive5?

    All players are encouraged to check out the Drive5 Basketball Academy, regardless of team affiliation. Although many players participate on competing teams outside of the academy, they are able to form friendships and enjoy a sense of community in the academy. It is absolutely invaluable for kids to be around other players who have similar goals and attitudes, and can push each other to improve and compete at their personal bests. If you would also like your child to play tournaments at the Drive5 Sports Center, please encourage your child's coach to take a look at our Tournament Series and register your team for some of our great tournaments throughout the year.

  • My child doesn't have a team, but we want to be involved with Drive5. What do we do now?

    We encourage you to enroll your child at the Drive5 Basketball Academy so that he or she keeps improving their skills and getting lots of time on court throughout the week. Once we've worked with your child, we will have a good idea of teams and coaches in the area that are playing at the right level for him or her. While we are not directly affiliated with any teams, we often have coaches who notify us of available spots on their teams.

  • I'm a coach who wants to find good competition for my team, and practice with them during the week. Is Drive5 for me?

    The Drive5 Tournament Series was created with you in mind. Drive5 is the perfect spot for you to get great competition for your team and have a world-class facility to practice in. By registering your team(s) in our Drive5 Tournament Series, you will be ensuring that they get to play a variety of other teams from the area in their grade level. With our Tournament League option (5 tournaments at a discounted price) you will automatically get FREE court time for practices every week during the 10-week session (a $400 value). Plus, you get first pick of additional practice time at 1/2 price ($20/hr).

  • My team isn't very experienced - will we be in over our heads at Drive5 Tournaments?

    The tournament series has teams of all experience levels, so your team will get a chance to play against all types of competition. They will always play against teams in the same grade level (unless a younger team chooses to play up).

  • Our team is struggling at tournaments, is there a possibility of joining a lower division?

    At this time, Drive5 does not offer multiple divisions within each grade level. If there is enough demand in the future for the tournament series to support divisions, we will certainly consider this option, as we want every team to get the best quality of games possible. While it can be difficult as parents and coaches to watch a team struggle against more experienced teams, it is important to remember that every single game is a chance to learn and improve - and the better the competition, the better to learn from. The only way for a team to learn and improve is to get as much time on the court together, and individually, as possible. Outside of frequent game play, kids need to have specific fundamentals that they are working on during the week. If a child or team is frustrated by their performance in tournaments, the best thing to ask is "Are we practicing as much, and as hard, as kids on other teams?" If not, then it is highly recommended to add more practice time in through organized team practices and/or enrollment in the Drive5 Basketball Academy with our world-class player development staff. It's truly amazing how quickly kids can improve with the right focus and instruction.

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